Course Fee: £ 365 (inc vat)  
  Course Date and start time:
Wednesday 31 January 2018
    Nine Wednesday evenings from 6.30pm-9.00pm

Creative Writing


The course explores the techniques of writing fiction and non-fiction through examples, writing exercises and discussion. Students do not need to have work-in-progress but should be aspiring writers to get the most from class feedback.

Tutor: Andrew Taylor - established writer and playwright

  Week 1: Finding the 'writer within'
Introduction - Why write? Approaches to writing, motivations and  responsibilities. The need  to write versus the desire. Social, cultural  and political contexts (past and present) of the world  of the writer. Overview of form and content within chosen formats.
  Week 2: The 'writer's eye'
Observation and expression. Style, the use of personal experience and its application within fiction and non-fiction.
  Week 3: Unifying both the approach and the vision
Narrative structures.  Contrast between original material and working from sources  (adaptation, non-fiction, reportage).    
  Week 4: Populating the landscape
Creating characters - creation, consistency, interplay and the role major and minor characters within story revelation.
  Week 5: 'I don't speak like that!'
Dialogue - Character voice, authenticity and the need for differentiation within authorial voice.
  Week 6: Making things happen
Plot versus 'no plot'. Objectives within structure and the use of suspense.
  Week 7: Location - setting and context
Contemporary and historical landscapes and their role in the  conveyance of meaning.
  Week 8: The challenges of genre
Exploring the challenges of genre, opening up the writer to expressing the authorial voice in imaginative worlds. This module will require the writer to attempt writing in a previously avoided genre.
  Week 9: How to progress in the industry
Art versus commerce. Business relationships  - editors, agents, support organisations and sources of finance.

Book: Short Story Writing (London School of Journalism 2009)
(cost included in course fees)