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Technology has advanced how things run. It has revolutionized how the education system runs in the modern world. The use of smartphones and computers is regular for most students. Teachers will never allow the use of phones in class, though. Several applications come in handy when it comes to doing homework.

With many people being able to create applications, it might be hard to get genuine ones. It might waste a student’s time and even get them frustrated. Here are some authentic applications.

Five Best Applications

  • Socratic

The application is very advanced. It has an artificial intelligence-powered search system that helps retrieve data on general courses. The courses include English, Astrophysics, Math, History, and Science. It scans through millions of questions and offers answers to the problems. The application works by just taking a photo. When it comes to mathematics, all a student should do is take a picture of the Mathematics problem. The student posts the image on the app. It gives a step-by-step procedure on how to solve the problem and even provides an answer with.

The downside is, the results are never perfect. It is a remarkable thing, though, to help the student think critically instead of copy-pasting the answers. The application is readily available on the Apple store and Google play.

  • Photomath Application

Just like Socratic, the application scans through mathematics problems. It uses its artificial intelligence to analyze the math problems and offer answers. It offers instructions on how to solve the problem in steps. It also has smart calculator functions which make Mathematics easier. The application is readily available on the Apple store and Google play.

  • Photo-study-Live Study Help

The application specializes in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. It has an artificial intelligence function that solves problems by taking pictures of the equations. It has a secondary option that makes it very unique. A student can get a real professional through the application via text messages. The professionals charge a fee, but it’s cheaper than getting a tutor to help. The app is readily available on the Apple store and Google play.

  • myHomework Student Planner

The application helps a student in planning out their day. As much as getting the homework done is essential for a student. Getting to class on time and submitting the assignments on time is very crucial. The application helps a student with better organization skills. It helps them plan out their schedules properly for smoother sailing in school. The app is readily available on the Apple store.

  • Wolfarm|Alpha

It is an overpowered application that helps solve problems that a student did not know they had. An example is giving the number of fingers a student is holding out while tackling mathematics questions. It is insanely powerful such that, it can state the rate at which dogs of a given weight should shake for it to remove water from its body. It provides answers to all questions a student might have. It can also tell the speed of a starship or a signal travelling faster than light for even the next generation. The application is easily available on the Apple store Kindle fire and Google play.


With the advancement of technology, experts have created a range of applications that people use in all fields. The education sector is not an exception, and many applications help students do their homework without having to struggle with it.

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