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Doing homework can be a monotonous task. You tend to get bored and uninterested when working on your school assignments for hours, especially in silence. It might be challenging for you to learn or achieve productivity in complete silence for hours.

There is, however, a solution to this problem. Research has proven that playing music while doing homework is very useful to help you stay focused. It would also increase your productivity.

Though it might sound a little bit strange, music can help you concentrate and do your homework better. However, not all music is suitable for this purpose.

You need to get the right music for this purpose as the wrong kind of music would end up doing more harm than good. In this article, we would look at the benefits of music and where you can find the right music while doing your homework.

Benefits of Music for Homework

There are numerous reasons why a homework music playlist is excellent for students.

We have highlighted a few of these benefits below:

  • Music helps you study effectively. Research conducted by various universities has shown that music can help students study more effectively. It can also increase their productivity.
  • Music improves memory, attention, and the student’s ability to do mental math.
  • Music decreases anxiety and depression. If you are sad or depressed, you won’t be able to do your homework effectively. Music can help relieve depression and anxiety.
  • Music helps calm students down and helps them focus.
  • Music keeps other distracting sounds away from the brain. The sound of moving cars, or your neighbor’s dog barking, or other children playing in the neighborhood would have little or no effect on you.
  • Listening to music while doing your homework is one way to ensure you don’t feel the urge to do something else. When working in complete silence, you get bored quickly and might feel the urge to leave it and do something else.

Where to Find Good Music for Your Homework

To enjoy the benefits of listening to music when doing your assignments, you need to get the right kind of music. Not all types of music are suitable for this purpose.

For example, listening to music that has a crazy rhythm or a track that has too many lyrics will distract you. It decreases your ability to focus on your homework correctly. Likewise, listening to heavy metal rock is not the right choice.

The best kind of music to listen to while doing your homework are those that are melodically pleasant and have few lyrics. Listening to vocal trance is a very great choice. The best genre recommended for the homework music playlist is classical music.

You can find various genres of music on the Internet. One great source of music is YouTube. Though YouTube is a video streaming platform, there are thousands of audio tracks on YouTube that are made to look like video clips.

Some of these tracks are about three to four hours long, which is enough time for you to finish your assignment. Some of them were even designed solely to help you concentrate while doing your homework.


There are many places where you can find music to do your homework, but one recommended source is YouTube. You will find the right music that would help you concentrate while doing your homework. Whatever source you go with, make sure they have the right music suitable for study purposes.

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