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In this age of technology, the virtual world is where the answers all lie, or so we all think, anyway. Be it finding your way across a city, or ordering a meal for lunch, or even shopping for festive apparel, the web is the place this generation turns to.

In such a virtualized environment, students are not far behind in resorting to the internet. In fact, they are far ahead. Students utilize the internet for understanding difficult concepts, solving previous years’ examination papers, and even for getting their law homework done.

General homework help vs. custom homework help:

General homework help is sought by every student. This involves random internet search for the topic at hand, gaining insight on the same, and incorporating what has been thus learned into the homework assignment.

Custom homework help, on the other hand, involves a student specifically seeking a law homework helper by posting the topic online and inviting bidders to help out with the assignment, often for money. Now, this is where the question arises – is it legal to do so?

Permission or prohibition by the legal framework:

The law of the land as such, in most of the countries, does not expressly prohibit ordering custom-made homework help online. This leads to the logical conclusion that custom law homework help sought online is not a crime that will place you behind the bars, or leave you with a criminal track record.

There is, however, another form of restriction placed on this kind of activity. Most educational institutions are against this policy. Therefore, almost always, they have a restraining clause mentioned in the student handbooks or other similar publications.

Consequences of ordering custom homework help online

First things first, not doing your own work will not enable you to grow as a student. Apart from the obvious effect of losing out on knowledge, there are other severe consequences too, depending on the moral code of the educational institution. These include, but are not limited to, being expelled with refund of tuition fees, withholding of thesis papers or essays, not granting credit for previously submitted works, being denied admission into other universities, and termination of internships. It could even have an adverse effect on employment opportunities in later life.


The legal aspects have been analyzed, and it is obvious that the pros weigh much lower than the cons. Therefore, it would be wise to not risk an entire future for the sake of one day’s homework assignment.


Hello! I'm Josh, and I'm a college student. Research paper writing is a kind of a hobby for me, maybe because I love the things I study. I hope that my experience will help you to get better grades.

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